What happens when you spill food down your favourite white t-shirt? Most people just wash it a few times and move on right? 

Not us. 

We tried that, but after six washes we realised there was something wrong with t-shirts. They just aren't designed to cope with everyday life.

After spending large amounts of time gaming during the first lockdown of 2020, we recognised that other t-shirts on the market just weren't quite up to the job. Especially those who market themselves as rugged, outdoor brands, but then fail the moment even a hint of food or drink gets spilled down them.

That's why we started Neutraliti. Because lets face it, you don't climb a mountain in California everyday do you? But you do miss your mouth when you're eating or drinking (especially when you're trying to win a Gulag), get thrown up on by your child, get mud splatters when you're riding your bike. You get the point. 

We're the brand that is not only comfortable, stylish and packed with fabric technology, but we prepare you for what everyday has to throw at you.